Ep. 19: Craving for Wearable Furniture and School Days
Ep. 19: Craving for Wearable Furniture and School Days

Caitlin discusses The Arts and genius of Hussein Chalayan, Then Lindsay delves into the history of School uniforms

and the debate surrounding them .

Hussein Chalayan

revolutionary designer Hussein Chalayan has made a career of creating innovative and imaginative fashion and art. His design portfolio Includes garments created with LEDs, an Iconic table dress, envelope clothing and more.

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History and Benefits of School Uniforms:

School uniforms have become a Globally embraced tradition. They are believed to date back to 1222 in england, with the Cappa Clausa. This was a robe like garment that students were required to wear. Uniforms over the coming centuries became more common place globally. For example: in 19th century china uniforms were seen as a symbol of showing that China was becoming more of a modern society. during the early 1900’s the United States began Implementing uniforms in private schools, but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that uniforms were used in public school.

School uniforms grew in their Perceived class and prestige due to their Predominant use in prep schools. The have been seen as a way to unify and bring equality to students around the world. There is some debate on the benefits of requiring school uniforms, however research has shown that it can improve classroom attention, promote equality, and reduce student violence.

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